As a fixed prosthesis we define any additional permanent work placed in a mouth that can not be removed by the patient, ie crowns ("cases") and bridges. tooth in cases where a large part of it has been lost from a fracture or to protect it from a future fracture. Bridges are cases joined together and usually provide a solution in cases where tooth loss has occurred, some teeth are supports and gaps are made by constructed teeth. crowns as well as bridges are welded with permanent mortar and can not be removed, thus resembling our natural teething. They are supported either on natural teeth or on implants. core-metal frame for durability and exterior total porcelain coating in the appropriate color m with the use of special techniques to give a natural and harmonized result with the rest of the teeth. they are superior aesthetically and with the right construction by specialized laboratories they are able to perform an exceptional aesthetic work.
All real estate works are made by specialized dental laboratories using digital media and branded
materials of high quality.



Movable is any fabricated additional work that can be removed by the patient. The most common are the partial dentures and the total dentures, ie the known dentures and dentures respectively. Jaws and are structures that replace the missing teeth and gums based on the teeth that exist in the jaw itself. Support and retention is achieved through metal or acrylic hooks ("hooks") and even better through special internal precision connectors that ensure a superior aesthetic result. In cases where there are no teeth to be used as braces, the entire denture ("toothpick") is a solution. It is a construction that is a combination of acrylic teeth and pink acrylic that replace the lost elements of the jaw. It is done either in the jaw itself, or in an implant In the case of implants, the restraint, aesthetics and adaptation of the patient is clearly superior as it feels more stable and smaller in volume, with the characteristic example of the upper jaw not having pink acrylic in the palate, is free, something that the classic denture ("toothpick") completely covers with any unpleasant result that arises from it. Even more specialized mobile work are telescopic work on teeth or implants, or a combination thereof.
All mobile work is made by specialized dental laboratories using digital media and branded materials of high quality.