Dental Implants

The advent of implants in dentistry was a milestone in its development. It is a very well documented and predictable method of restoring one or more lost teeth. Implantology came to provide solutions or improve the existing ones where conventional dentistry does.

The dental implant is a titanium screw that with a small operation is surgically placed in the patient's jaw and is able to form the support base on which it can be placed from a case or a bridge to whole bridges-braces or overlapping dentures ( Implant support braces). The number of missing teeth determines the type and extent of prosthetic work, which in turn determines the number, positions and dimensions of the implants required.

The main advantage of implants is the replacement of a tooth that has been lost without interfering with the adjacent teeth by grinding them, ie sacrificing valuable dental tissue, to build a classic bridge. Simply, place an implant where the tooth was lost and hoop ("case") mounted on it permanently. In this way, we limit the number of additional tasks to only one hoop from where we need 3 for a classic bridge. Still, in cases where there are no or not enough supports Implants are a unique solution, as they allow patients to have permanent immobile restorations, like their natural teeth, having a high level in their quality of life, both aesthetically and functionally.

In our office, all the procedures of surgical placement of the implant, prosthetic restoration and maintenance are performed. Starting by obtaining a thorough medical history and the study of X-rays, we proceed to the digital design of the case. special digital splint, from 3D printer, to achieve the placement of the implant with absolute accuracy, quickly and painlessly (Full Digital Guided Surgery). This method is the most modern and innovative for this and we are one of the few clinics in Greece that are in able to design and build a digital surgical splint and thus place an implant.

In cases where it is difficult to place an implant due to the absence of bone, we achieve this with the use of specialized equipment and techniques, such as directed bone regeneration, osteoconcentration, sinus elevation, platelet condensates, which arise from the bone.