Aesthetic Dentistry

The term Aesthetic Dentistry refers to all the work required to be done usually in the anterior upper and lower jaw area in order to create a symmetrical, functional and elegant dental barrier that allows the patient to have a beautiful and distinctive smile.

Bleaching is the process by which, using specific materials, whitening agents, a change in the color and brightness of the teeth is achieved without affecting the structure of the tooth. There are two basic methods, bleaching in the doctor's office and bleaching at home. of all soft tissues, applying a strong whitening agent using a special lamp or laser. At home it is made by the patient himself with special personalized toothpicks made for his own dental block. Each method has advantages and disadvantages. The combination of the two methods gives to the patient the best possible result. Bleaching, in our office, is characterized as an extremely safe procedure due to the use of approved materials and many years of experience in all techniques.
Resin veneers, also known as bonding or lifting teeth, is the process by which we change the color and shape of the teeth by adding resin to their outer surface. with the patient to the desired result, we perform it in the mouth through special techniques.
Ceramic veneers or porcelain veneers are an excellent method of aesthetic intervention of the anterior teeth. It is a conservative technique due to the gentle preparation (grinding) of the tooth, however, high aesthetic and realistic performance of dental surfaces. permanently on the teeth with strong cement.
It is, perhaps, the flagship of aesthetic dentistry, as it is able to completely correct the color and shape of all teeth ensuring or correcting the proper functioning of the oral system. Zirconium is a ceramic material of high strength and hardness, harder made of steel, available in colors corresponding to the shades of the teeth. Once the whole restoration is digitally designed, one or more crowns, special 3D printers undertake to make it with absolute precision. modern and long-lived aesthetic intervention that came to give each patient the smile he always dreamed of.