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Mandalias Dimitrios DDS is a Dental Surgeon and maintains a private practice in Arta. He is a graduate of the School of Dentistry of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and has received postgraduate training in Implantology from the International Team for Implantology and Aesthetic Dentistry from the Eastman Dental Institute in London.


The advent of implants in dentistry was a milestone in its development. It is a very well documented and predictable method of restoring one or more lost teeth. Implantology came to provide solutions or improve the existing ones where conventional dentistry does.

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The term Aesthetic Dentistry refers to all the work required to be done usually in the anterior upper and lower jaw area in order to create a symmetrical, functional and elegant dental barrier that allows the patient to have a beautiful and distinctive smile...

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As a fixed prosthesis we define any additional permanent work placed in a mouth that can not be removed by the patient, ie crowns ("cases") and bridges. tooth in cases where a large part of it has been lost from a fracture or to protect it from a future fracture.

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By the term endodontic treatment we mean the dental procedure that is a solution for teeth whose pulp is inflamed (pulpitis) or has lost its vitality.

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